Emily O'Halloran


“O’Halloran persuasively evokes Cat Power’s lazy, hazy soul.”

LA Weekly


“A Hollywood noir version of Music City.”

M Music Magazine


“O’Halloran proves she’s a master of the form. Hauntingly beautiful, Morphine and Cupcakes makes for a most auspicious debut.”

Lee Zimmerman, No Depression


“Well on the road to country ruin…”

3 Stars… Q Magazine, UK


“Narcotic country-folk for rainy days”.

David Maine, Pop Matters


“Narcotic cross between Margo Timmins and Marianne Faithful.”

Net Rhythms, UK


**** “Beautifully played… This album is a treat.”

Simon Hughes, Rock n Reel, UK


 “Emily O’Halloran whose atmospheric flavor of Americana gets a little something extra from her seeming ability to channel legendary mournful-voiced femme fatales such as Anita Pallenberg, Marianne Faithful and Nico. Certainly not a bad club“.

My Old Kentucky Blog


“Likened with the tender side of Lucinda Williams, the breeziness of Cowboy Junkies, and the atmospheric wonderment of Tom Waits. This collection is pure poetry and beatnik beauty at its finest”.

John Castino, Innocent Words


“Morphine and Cupcakes eerie allure is cast by O’Halloran’s otherworldly songs and ghostly vocal presence.”

Tim Peacock, Whisperin and Hollerin


“A soulful and narcoleptic journey past midnight.”

Electric Ghost, UK


“Dylan, dressed up, with somewhere to go. Meandering and dreamy, but gutsy debut”.

Lisa Torem, Penny Black Music, UK


“Her voice is low and dirty, full of sex and bitter tears”.

Mat Brewster, Blinded By Sound


“Morphine and Cupcakes, is the stuff of bingeing — emotional and otherwise — and its morning after”.

Buzzbands, Kevin Bronson


O’Halloran is a unique artist. Her voice and her music are different than any other artist out right now. Emily O’Halloran has an old-fashioned and sorrowful American vibe. Her voice, beautiful and powerful.

Camera’s Are Go


“Her style is spiritual, but not in the religious sense. The sound is medicine for the soul… Emily is able to harness the immense power of the human experience with just one song. They are songs that you just know if people heard them, they would be huge.”

The Independent Music Scene